Ahura Middle East GT

Our Company is established for more than ten years in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates is the main major leading company. The company retains and continues with traditional values of service and customer care whilst incorporating innovative ideas and the latest industry technology. Our Sales team is second to none and has a great many years of industry experience. We take great pride in our knowledge and industry awareness. We have the people to assist you in your enquiries and give a prompt response.
We specialize in every aspect of Trading, Manufacturing, Marketing and the scope of the company ranges from manufacturing of Kitchen Cabinets, PVC Doors, laminated Floorings, Ceramic Tiles and even trading in Rice and Sugar to providing raw MDF's. We also deal in raw Medium Density Fiberboards (MDF)'s with sources from Germany, Turkey, Malaysia and the regional Market where we provide our products to our clients across the globe.


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